How we work?



Project Initiation

At the start of the process, we will spend time speaking with you. Our goal is to understand your needs. We need to make sure that we understand your objectives, project parameters and technology in question.

We always follow up with a detailed quotation. If necessary, we accompany the quote with a selection of options, allowing you to make the best cost-effective choice.

We are acutely aware that sometimes your needs can be urgent. We will always strive to initiate first response within first 24h. Equipped with the necessary information, we will send a quote no later than in an additional 24h.


We await your feedback and adjust the quote according to your needs and comments.


Our expert analysts execute on the project. Depending on the project, this can take from a few hours to a few weeks. You will have a clear expectation of the timeline based on the mutually agreed quote.


The final work product is a comprehensive report with our findings. It will support you in the legal assessment, evaluating research or product strategy. Over the years, we have crafted an easy and readable format supporting effective analysis.

If you have specific requirements regarding the report contents and format, we will address these as early as during project initiation.

Laudea Research is an excellent research company because our customers say so. We diligently solicit feedback after each project, making sure each and every one was successful.


Scoping Call




Report Delivery

Customer Feedback