Meet Our Team

Laudea Research is a young and growing company with headquarters in Germany, supporting European patent law firms and corporate clients in making strategical decisions and evaluations in the field of Intellectual Property (IP).

We specialize in chemistry, biotechnology, and the life sciences. As IP experts, we help organizations get a clear view of the Intellectual Property that can affect technology and innovation strategy.

Dr. Anna Wieczorek
Founder / Managing Director

Anna supports international corporate clients and patent law firms in IP search and analytics, helping clients to make better strategic decisions. With a background in managing European projects in these fields and a strong academic foundation in biotechnology and organic chemistry, she brings a wealth of experience and multilingual proficiency to her role.

Dr. Sylwia Jacobsen
Patent Analyst

Sylwia specializes in life and medical sciences, including biotechnology, biochemistry, and molecular medicine, at Laudea. She offers extensive IP search and analytics services, with a background that includes postdoctoral research in ALS at the University of Copenhagen and an MSc in biotechnology from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, focusing on molecular interactions in the neuronal cell membrane.

Dr. Christian Dank
Patent Analyst

Christian is a patent analyst working in the field of organic chemistry. He has industrial experience in drug discovery in the field of oncology, developed while working for a major pharmaceutical company.

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