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Laudea Research is a rapidly growing, international intellectual property research company with headquarters in Germany. Our team of skilled, multilingual IP analysts provide critical IP research in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology and the life sciences.

At Laudea Research, we help organizations to better understand the patent landscape in a specific technology. Our IP analysts use their specialized knowledge and state-of-the-art software and tools to provide comprehensive, detailed patent analysis for clients around the world.

Knowledge is power: the results help to reduce risk and allow our clients to make better-informed decisions about technologies and innovations, helping them to maintain competitive advantage. Clients gain detailed insights into competitors, with research providing information on market and industry trends, helping to drive strategy development.

Best bespoke service

Laudea Research stands for high-quality, dynamic IP research with a strong attention to detail. Since we launched, we have offered a bespoke IP research service that carefully evaluates the demands of each project.

Communication is at the core of what we do, and we engage with our clients to ensure all needs are met. We schedule meetings before the project gets underway to determine scope, focus points, timeframe and budget. We stay in close contact with our client contact throughout the project, providing updates and statistics as required. Upon completion, we deliver comprehensive data and are on-hand to provide further information as needed.

Whatever your patent query, we’re here to provide you with the exact service you require.

A message from our CEO

Accuracy, precision and quality are what our industry strives for at every stage. We build teams of highly skilled scientists, researchers and analysts. We have a deep understanding of what value our people bring to the business. These people, equipped with state-ofthe-art tools, are responsible for breakthroughs that impact our daily lives in a very profound way.

When in 2018 I started Laudea Research the Intellectual Property landscape was bustling. Every decade we observe the number of the patent applications to double. China entering this space made a significant impact as well.

I was not concerned with being busy. I was focused on great customer experience and quality of the final product.

Hence, from the early days, we bet on quality. We set off to look for incredible talent. We acquired best in class tools. We built a network of trusted specialists.

Today, I am proud of our highly educated team. The team that is fearlessly combing through the vast arrays of patents, chemical structures, and biosequences.

These experts not only process scientific publications but also capture and classify encountered information in the legal context.

We continue to grow while adhering to our values.

Values, one of which is the focus on quality.

Dr. Anna Wieczorek, CEO