IP research for chemistry, biotechnology and life science

High-Quality Research

Laudea Research aims to be the best bespoke IP research company there is. A personal approach ensures a high level of quality – we don’t offer package deals, we do offer tailor-made solutions that take specific requests and time and budget constraints into account. We provide patent and literature searches up to the highest industry standards, working with professionals from around the world.

Communication is Key

Our team of multilingual IP analysts are on hand to provide you with information every step of the way. With extensive international professional experience, our analysts know the importance of effective communication, and we work closely with you to ensure we’re providing you with the information you need when you need it. From the initial query to our delivery of the research, we provide transparency throughout the entire project lifecycle, communicating clearly and effectively to answer queries and provide you with the information you need.

Tailor-made, Dynamic Solutions

No two inventions are the same, and no two clients are the same. We customize each project to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our bespoke approach means that we can deliver the project just as you envisage it – and the scope, search, budget and time constraints are all taken into account. With dynamic processes, we work to minimize turnaround times while delivering high-quality, detailed analysis.

Our Services

Our analysts conduct holistic IP research into existing property rights in the specialist domains of chemistry, biotechnology and the life sciences. At Laudea Research, our IP experts are handpicked and we use a comprehensive range of tools to examine a patent query.

We complete a variety of IP research projects, including patentability, invalidity and freedom-to-operate searches.

No two inventions are the same, and no two client requirements are the same. Our tailor-made approach adapts scope, budget, aims, timeframe and search specifics to provide a made-to-measure solution for our clients. By discussing the minutiae directly with our clients straight off the bat, we provide a high-quality, individualized service.

Harnessing the benefits of IP Research

IP research can define a product’s development chances. A strong IP position offers higher levels of return on investment, while a holistic look at the patent landscape can ensure R&D efforts head in the right direction – avoiding unnecessary expenditure and wasted time. IP research also provides valuable business intelligence: at an early stage, it is possible to identify potential competitors and monitor their innovation strategies, while also identifying possible partners and consumers.

Why choose Laudea Research?

As a remote-first company, we employ the best IP analysts for our clients’ needs, regardless of geographical location. Our dynamic, interdisciplinary approach ensures we provide our clients with the best possible service, and we place great emphasis on offering custom solutions.

Freedom to Operate

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search will support you in making strategic decisions to make, sell or use a product. This search may help you avoid litigation costs that may occur due to unintentional infringement or violation of third party Intellectual Property (IP) rights within a particular jurisdiction. It will support you in making strategic decisions, including entering a specific market, licensing, mergers or acquisitions.

We have a full understanding that in-force claims may be very broad and may not include all features of the proposed product or invention. We have mastered creating search strategies that consider product features as well as the claim breadth of possibly relevant patent documents.


When embarking on securing a patent for an invention, it is crucial to thoroughly canvas existing patents, research and relevant publications.

Our patentability (novelty) search will help you to determine if your potential invention is novel and non-obvious.

The results of the search have the potential to strengthen your patent application and anticipate the examiner’s prior art rejections. The search can also uncover prior art that may stop you from pursuing your patent applications.


Litigation can be a very prolonged and expensive process. We will provide you with a thorough patent (in)validity search which will support you in devising adequate legal strategy.

It may be used to test the strength of your patent and give you a better negotiating position in case of licensing or selling a patent. Invalidating a patent will also be your strongest weapon in case of allegations of patent infringement.

Our search strategies for invalidity searches will scrutinize the target claims and their most important subject features. The search will encompass searching for prior art within patents, patent applications, non-patent literature like scientific papers, conference posters or clinical trials.

State of the Art

Validate early and frequently is a mantra of every innovative business. Before committing to an idea, it is beneficial to scout the current state of technological advancement.

State of the Art Search is to help you see your innovations in the context of known technologies. The State of the Art searches may cover patent and non-patent literature depending on your goals.

Industry-Specific Search

Expert research in the domain of chemistry, biotechnology and life science require specialized tools. Besides full-text, keyword, classification and assignee searches, we employ a set of industry-specific search tools assuring full coverage of the business and technology.

Chemistry Search

Searching for known compound including chemical names, CAS Numbers and particular structures. Supporting FTO analysis with searching for Markush structures. We develop an expert search strategy that will correspond to your IP needs.

We perform the chemical searches using the CAS STN platform that allows us to reach multiple databases at once.

BioSequence Search

Searching for DNA, RNA or protein sequence to support your IP strategies. We apply a customized strategy to locate relevant documents covering, for example, viral vector, an antibody or a mutant protein.

We perform the biosequence searches in the Genome Quest databank. This database provides us with access to biosequences disclosed in patents as well as in literature references.


Laudea Research is a rapidly growing, international intellectual property research company with headquarters in Germany. Our team of skilled, multilingual IP analysts provide critical IP research in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology and the life sciences.

At Laudea Research, we help organizations to better understand the patent landscape in a specific technology. Our IP analysts use their specialized knowledge and state-of-the-art software and tools to provide comprehensive, detailed patent analysis for clients around the world.

Knowledge is power: the results help to reduce risk and allow our clients to make better-informed decisions about technologies and innovations, helping them to maintain competitive advantage. Clients gain detailed insights into competitors, with research providing information on market and industry trends, helping to drive strategy development.

Best bespoke service

Laudea Research stands for high-quality, dynamic IP research with a strong attention to detail. Since we launched, we have offered a bespoke IP research service that carefully evaluates the demands of each project. Communication is at the core of what we do, and we engage with our clients to ensure all needs are met. We schedule meetings before the project gets underway to determine scope, focus points, timeframe and budget. We stay in close contact with our client contact throughout the project, providing updates and statistics as required. Upon completion, we deliver comprehensive data and are on-hand to provide further information as needed.

Whatever your patent query, we’re here to provide you with the exact service you require.

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Laudea Research is a young and growing company with headquarters in Germany, supporting European patent law firms and corporate clients in making strategical decisions and evaluations in the field of Intellectual Property (IP).

We specialize in chemistry, biotechnology, and the life sciences. As IP experts, we help organizations get a clear view of the Intellectual Property that can affect technology and innovation strategy.

Dr. Anna Wieczorek

Dr. Anna Wieczorek is the founder and managing director of intellectual property research company Laudea Research. As an experienced IP analyst specializing in chemistry, biotechnology and the life sciences, Dr. Wieczorek founded Laudea in March 2018. Previously, she had spent several years working in major European research and scientific facilities in the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Germany and Poland.

At Laudea, she supports international corporate clients and patent law firms in IP search and analytics, helping clients to make better strategic decisions. She excels in novelty, infringement, validity, clearance, state-of-the-art, collection, landscapes and chemical structure patent searches.

Prior to founding Laudea, Dr. Wieczorek was responsible for managing European projects within the fields of chemistry and biotechnology at CPA Global in London. She has a proven track record in successfully managing IP projects with regard to plastics, the energy industry, fuels, gas and oils, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the food industry, catalysts, fuel cells technology, paper and pulp industries, detergents, and cosmetics.

Both in and outside of academia, she has worked with people from all over the world. Her excellent communication skills, first-hand intercultural knowledge and competence, and customer relationship skills garnered in major European cities have helped lay the foundations for her work at Laudea. Dr. Wieczorek has full professional proficiency in English, German and Polish.

She holds an MSc in biotechnology and completed her PhD in organic chemistry in Vienna. Her scientific research included projects investigating new active substances, among them potential medicines.

Dr. Sylwia Jacobsen

Dr. Sylwia Jacobsen is a patent analyst working within the field of life and medical sciences, including biotechnology, biochemistry and molecular medicine. Her specific expertise includes techniques for cell culture, molecular biology, peptide mimetics and biochemistry, flow cytometry, as well as expertise in cell adhesion molecules and protein interactions.

At Laudea, she supports international corporate clients and patent law firms in IP search and analytics, helping clients to make better strategic decisions. Her focus is on clearance/freedom-to-operate/infringement, invalidity/validity, patentability/novelty, and state-of-the-art searches.

As a postdoctoral fellow in Copenhagen, Dr. Jacobsen worked with students, nurses, neurologists, a bioinformatician and NGS specialists, which served to hone her intercultural and international communication skills and customer relationship aptitude.

Dr. Jacobsen’s postdoctoral research focused on preclinical development of new diagnostic and treatment strategies for the neurodegenerative disorder amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This research was an interdisciplinary project merging neurobiology and immunology. Her expertise includes techniques for cell culture, molecular biology, peptide mimetics and biochemistry, flow cytometry as well as expertise in cell adhesion molecules and protein interactions.

She earned her MSc in biotechnology from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences where she worked with genetically modified fungi. She holds a PhD degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Copenhagen. Her PhD project focused on molecular interactions in the neuronal cell membrane and the role of these interactions in health and disease.

Dr. Christian Dank

Dr. Christian Dank is a patent analyst working in the field of organic chemistry. He has industrial experience in drug discovery in the field of oncology, developed while working for a major pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Dank’s academic studies have centered on organic chemistry. For his postdoctoral stay in Toronto, he was awarded an Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship. There, he gained experience in the development of novel catalytic reactions. His focus was on the research of palladium-catalyzed domino reactions.

Dr. Dank earned his degrees at the University of Vienna. During his PhD, Dr. Dank entered the field of medicinal chemistry, writing his dissertation on the synthesis of novel antimalarials. He holds an MSc in organic synthesis in the field of natural product synthesis.